TTP’s 15 Point Draft Agenda for Negotiations with Pakistan Government

1) Stop drone attacks.

2) Introduce Sharia law in courts.

3) Introduce Islamic system of education in both public and private educational institutions.

4) Free Pakistani and foreign Taliban captured in jails.

5) Restoration and remuneration for damage to property during drone attacks.

6) Hand over control of tribal areas to local forces.

7) Withdrawal of army from tribal areas and close down check posts.

8) All criminal allegations held against the Taliban to be dropped.

9) Prisoners from both sides to be released.

10) Equal rights for all, poor and rich.

11) Families of drone attack victims to be offered jobs.

12) End interest based system.

13) Stop supporting the US on the war on terror.

14) Replace the democratic system of governance with the Islamic system.

15) Stop all relations with the US.

[sarcasm] Go peace talks ♥[/sarcasm].

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