The value of life

O mighty ruler, pray tell what is the value of mine life to thee? Is it more than the dog thou seem to so adore?
Nay, ’tis not.

Is it perchance more than the stray cat thine child took in and that thou tolerate?
Nay, ’tis not.

Is it maybe more than the ducks that waddle in the pond of thine palace?
Nay, ’tis not.

But surely, mine life hast more value to thee than the ants thou so thoughtlessly trample under thine feet?
Nay, it dost not. Thou art but lesser than insects, mindless in thy obedience and unquestioning in thy devotion, for even insects bite! And now, ’tis thine turn. Thou shalt tell us of thine valuation of our life.
Thou art the most magnanimous of rulers that ever graceth this green earth with their presence, the source of all that is good and just and the only ruler in this time to rule with a conscience.

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“Autocracy is universal and cannot be repealed, only concealed.”
–Mencius Moldbug

A Tale of Two Fools

And when the peasants were told that the Lord of the Manor was their oppressor, they laughed at the young fool with his idealism and his noble intentions. When the young fool refused to accept the order of things, ridicule was replaced by violence and the very peasants he'd set out to save, skewered him with their pitch forks. The Lord of the Manor, godlike in his aloofness, stepped in at this point and in all his magnanimity, ordered the broken

A Conversation With a Diehard PTI Supporter

This is not a single conversation but an amalgam of several conversations I’ve had with several diehard PTI supporters over the past two months. The gist and outcome of these conversations is always the same although the way the conversation begins varies. The simplest method to get one of these conversations going is criticising PTI or Imran Khan. So now that we have got the disclaimers out of the way, let’s move on to the conversation.

Me Hey, did you hear about the attack on the police bus in Karachi? Diehard Yes I did, it’s condemnable and you have no right to use it for your anti-PTI and anti-Imran Khan propaganda. Me Excuse me? Diehard You heard me, its a tragedy, not something for you to use to try and discredit Imran Khan! Me I never mentioned Imran Khan. I asked a simple question and we could have both condemned the TTP and moved on. Diehard Yeh right, as if that would happen, you were thinking of blaming Imran Khan for this, just because he’s pro-peace does not make him pro-terrorism! Me When did you start reading minds? Diehard What’s that supposed to mean? Me You just proclaimed to know what I was thinking so you must be able to read my mind! Diehard Ha Ha, very funny Me Thanks… Diehard Seriously the only option we have for lasting peace is negotiations. Me Maybe but right now, we are going to the table from a position of weakness and that will force us to agree to demands we never should agree to! Diehard How can we go to the negotiations from a position of weakness? We have nukes! Me What good are the nukes? We can’t exactly nuke our own country, can we now? The nukes only work as a deterrent against state actors, the TTP are not state actors. Diehard Oh so you mean the TTP are not afraid of our nukes? Me Nope, they are not because unlike you, they know that Pakistan is not going to nuke Pakistan! Diehard So our army, airforce and navy can take on the Indians but not the TTP? Me Against the Indians, the nukes work as a deterrent, neither side is willing to push the other side into a corner where mutually assured destruction seems like a viable alternative. Sadly, with the TTP, there is no mutually assured destruction, we’d be killing ourselves if we nuked our own country! Diehard At least we are trying something, what’s your solution? Going to war? Me The war has been ongoing for several years now, how else do you explain roughly 70,000 people the TTP and their ilk have killed?=&0=&

“First they came” with a Pakistani Twist

The poem laments the cowardice of German intellectuals following the Nazis' rise to power and the subsequent purging of their chosen targets, group after group. Although the targeted groups are different, the same poem can be applied to Pakistan.

About PTI

I voted PTI in the 2013 elections. I argued for hours with supporters of other political parties to try and convince them to vote PTI and when I say argued, I am not talking about smugly sitting at a desk chastising people for their political affiliations on Facebook, I actually went out and about and argued with anyone who’d dare openly proclaim their support for any political party other than PTI. I should have known better! Reminiscing, I can’t think of any other activities that would have been as pointless. What an absolute waste of my time!

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Moving Magento To A Different Server

There comes a time in the life of a website when it must be moved from one server to another. This transition can be from a development/testing server to a production server or from on hosting-provider’s servers to a different hosting-provider’s server. Whatever the case might be and whatever the reason behind moving your website is, the need to move a website from one server to another is inevitable. Magento websites are no exception.

Here we present to you a list of steps you’d need to follow to get your website working after you have moved it to a different server.

Step 1

Upload your website to the new server and copy the database with its contents intact.

Changing the Database Information

Open magento/app/etc/local.xml  and edit the lines that read:

<host><![CDATA[old db host name]]></host>
<username><![CDATA[old db username]]></username>
<password><![CDATA[old db password]]></password>
<dbname><![CDATA[old db name]]></dbname>


<host><![CDATA[new db host name]]></host>
<username><![CDATA[new db username]]></username>
<password><![CDATA[new db password]]></password>
<dbname><![CDATA[new db name]]></dbname>

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Questions to Ask When Hiring an SEO Expert

  1. How long have they being doing SEO?
  2. How long do they think it would take to get your website on the first page of popular search engines?
  3. Do they guarantee results in the time they've stated? If they do guarantee results, how do they guarantee them since Google itself states that there can be no guarantees on how long it would take for SEO to show results.